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Peren-IT, a Manufacturer of industrial information systems.

Our partnership has allowed us to create and provide our clients with a virtualized architecture of complex IT environments.

Cube Digital Media, Editor of dynamic display solutions.

Thanks to our partner, we have a dynamic display solution which integrates seamlessly into our Pantheon software suite.

Fortinet, a Manufacturer of network security equipment.

Fortinet network security equipment allows us to secure the networks of our clients, as well as all our interconnections.

Trend Micro, Editor of IT security solutions.

Most of our clients have installed these security solutions.

Aures, Editor of IT security solutions.

We have equipped numerous points of sale using this equipment.

Backup Assist, a Manufacturer of Point of Sale equipment

These backup solutions are provided with our virtualized architectures.

Trivec Systems, an Editor of backup solutions.

These Point of Sale solutions are interfaced with our Pantheon software suite.